Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Happy Valentines // A Biscuiteers Treat






Completely handmade and customisable, these cute little biscuits make a really unique gift, especially for those who apparently already have everything they want and need - Who wouldn't want a deluxe tin of biscuits like these? This is the 'Love Letters' tin, but there a lot of 'themed boxes' to choose from and more personal options such as a Marvel comic themed tin, ski themed tin, and my favourite, a Fashionista theme with dresses and make up biscuits. They're so gorgeous! 

On a personal viewpoint, I've already been eyeing this box up as wedding gifts, and love the more subtle offerings of biscuit cards and individual biscuits between £6-£20 for nice birthday presents or for a random appreciation gift. Flowers and chocolates are a bit expected as gifts, right? But these biscuits give a 'little gift' a bit more pizazz! If anyone I know is reading this, feel free to send lots of gingerbread men and dog themed biccies ;)

I have to say, they taste delicious too. The biscuits I received are just vanilla flavour, and very moreish. I'm ashamed to say that Dan and I polished the entire tin off in a couple of days, despite being on a diet, oops! As well as lovely biscuits, Biscuiteers offer my favourite treat, macarons, wedding favours, and cakes, too! 

Also, you get £5 off your first tin! 
More for me please! 
Sarah xx


  1. These are so cute! xx


  2. I got these too! Too cute to eat!


    Victoria | Victoria's Vintage

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