Friday, 27 January 2017

Liquid Lipstick // Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets '601 Attitude'

(Picture by Kristina Gasperas)

Matte lips seem to be absolutely everywhere right now. I'm not usually a huge fan, mainly because dry lips drive me round the bend, and they usually make my lips look like a wrinkled mess. These Lip Magnets are called as such because they're meant to 'stick' to the lips, with no migration. Long story short, its an appropriate name. 

On first application I have to apply an ultra thin layer - At first, it feels really 'wet' though it dries quickly. After 2 of these thin layers the colour is exactly as intended, with a lovely matte finish. If you prefer something a little more subtle though, they're fine with one layer, too. And being honest, I was surprised with the texture, it feels really smooth and light, and in no way tight or drying, like most matte products I've tried in the past. I applied this at around 4-5pm with a touch of shimmery eyeshadow to the centre of my lips, and it lasted the entire night - Until about 1am. So yes, I'd say its pretty long lasting. Saying that, my pal borrowed it and she needed 'top it up,' so perhaps it depends on your lips. 

Overall, an intense colour pay off, and it feels like velvet. I've been wearing these to shoot weddings and events, when I know I'll be lucky to get a chance to pop to the toilet, let alone check mirrors and reapply make up. I usually just carry a clear lip balm, so its nice to be able to dress my lips up more often! Since then, shade 601 (a deep plum) has pretty much been my 'go-to' colour. Worth every penny, definitely! 

Have you tried the Armani Lip Magnets yet?
Whats your favourite shade? 
Sarah xx

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