Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Yoga // In The Bath!

(What really happens when your fiancé is taking photos of you in the bath, ha)!

I often find that, alongside my busy life, I have very little 'me time' these days, let alone time to exercise. I haven't been to the gym in months, and my fitness, flexibility and lower back are really suffering as a result. You see, as a Physiotherapist, I find myself so often guilty of not practicing what I preach, particularly when it comes to posture, and core stability and strength. Knowing full well my core is barely even activated and I have low back pain too often, as a result. 

I will always, though, find time for a bath. One place that I cannot be distracted by other things going on in the house. The mess, the TV, even those I share it with. It makes sense then, that 'bath yoga' has emerged, as weird as it sounds. What better time to do something like this than the place where you're likely surrounded by fragrant smells (Thanks to Lush), ready to relax, and immersed in warmth. Obviously you just need to make sure you're mindful of slippery surfaces, and be sensible. 

I've been trying out the 'After-Work Bath Yoga' routine, provided by Matalan Direct and Niki Wibrow (trainer and fitness lass). There is one for fitness and flexibility, but I usually have a bath after a long day at work when I just need to relax for a moment or fifty. Just click the link above to watch the videos and read some more tips. The 'After Work' routine is incredibly simple, and after getting past feeling ridiculously silly, I've really begun to enjoy it. 

Have you tried anything like this?
Will you be giving it a go! You'll have to let me know!!
Sarah xx


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