Thursday, 25 June 2015

Most Wanted // Summer Festival Fashion

Ombre Bag £14.50 Accessorize
Original Hunters £75 Outdoor and Country
Blouse $30 StyleMoi
Shorts £30 ASOS
Dungaree's £120 Whistles
Chelsea Hunters £101 Outdoor and Country
Sunglasses £14 Topshop
Stripe Top £90 Net-A-Porter
Swing Dress £20 ASOS
Watch £15 New Look

I'm not much of a festival go-er, but I've always fancied the idea of going to them - In fact, I think its going to have to be an addition to the bucket list. Problem lies within the fact that I don't seem to have any friends with the same music taste as me, so it might end up being painful for some of us, either way! I adore festival season though, mainly for the iconic summer outfits that always seem to perfectly scream 'festival.' If I ever needed a reason to make the most of my seemingly never ending denim and Hunter wellies collection, I'm pretty sure a festival is where its at. Add a parka and you've got a definition of functional fashion right there! Dungaree's might not be the height of function, but I'm still to get a pair - Who doesn't want to look like a Saved by the Bell throwback? I'm not huge on accessories (thinking functional) and prefer to keep things comfortable, so I've just added a watch and sunglasses -  Above you'll find a bunch of festival-esque items I'd gladly chuck in my rucksack for the weekend!

Are you heading to any festivals?
Which one is the best to go to?
S xx 


  1. Really want to hit the festival scene to but am mixed about them , love the picks thou !! Need some hunters in my life xx

  2. How great inspirations!! Thanks for sharing this brilliant post. At some outdoor Los Angeles venues I am also going to host a fun Christmas party. I would love to buy one of these attires for this party.

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