Sunday, 17 May 2015

Night In Alone // The Best Way To Pamper Yourself

This weekend has been the first weekend that I've not been on call and we've not had a wedding in absolutely ages. So I've taken the opportunity to catch up on some blogging photos, and give myself a really good pamper, forgetting about our wedding planning for a while. I can't put into words just how weird it feels to lay on the sofa watching TV. It feels so naughty! Here are a few of the things that I find necessary for what I'd call a successful pamper day.

Clean the house and finish the chores // Sounds silly, but I find this so therapeutic, and I can't even begin to relax until I've had a thorough clean, a few loads of washing, and taken the dog for a walk.

Get some fresh flowers // Something I've vowed to start spending just a few pounds at least on each week, fresh flowers. The smell of this Debenhams flower delivery took over the whole house for a week, and they've really brightened the place up, too. If you fancy a treat or know someone that could do with one, you can get 25% off with the code: DFBLOG25

Light candles // Instant ambience and a ruddy good whiff too - Opt for a calming scent like Lavender for top relaxation points.

Luxury bath // A luxury bath with some luxury products makes the world of the difference to my self wellbeing, its simple. Lashings of Laura Mercier's ambre vanilla bath honey, a resurfacing face mask from Elemis, and their frangipanis body scrub for silky smooth skin. (honestly they're all worth every penny).

A few treats // Chocolate and a bit of prosecco with floating frozen pomegranates. Thanks Jacamo for a few pamper treats for a night in as part of their Shoe-Duction campaign, you enablers, you. Dan was actually supposed to get himself off on the right foot (gettit)? preparing a romantic date night for me! Did he heck? 

Film/Book // I don't think I'll ever relax enough to be able to tuck into a book without being distracted and never finishing it, but I quite like sticking a mindless rom-com on and cuddling up to my cushions. I tend to read books exclusively on holiday. Actually, screw this whole list, holiday is the way forward for a proper pamper. This is just a cheaper alternative perhaps. Damn wedding planning.

Does this sound familiar? 
What do you do to relax? I could get used to this! 
S xx


  1. I love a pampering night. I have smelt the Laura Mercier Bath products - they are gorgeous, but as they are expensive have not yet purchased. Joan at

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