Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day // Pamper Day

If nothing else, Valentines is just an excuse to stuff my face with heart shaped chocolates. So when Hotel Chocolat offered a chance to try their sleekster collection, I obviously couldn't say no, Slimming world or no Slimming world. There are some pretty bespoke flavours in there, along with a gin truffle (terrible) and lemon berry tart and caramel praline (my absolute favourite). 
Along with a pampering package from Mira showers (along with a fun interchangeable 360 degree shower head to try) I'm set for a pretty swanky Valentines involving some fancy shopping at Pragnell the jewellers for wedding rings! Seeing as Dan proposed a year ago (yesterday) in DisneyLand, we are actually off to a well deserved Spa later on, and lord knows we both need it! I've packed the rest of the chocolates to eat tonight, a face mask and a hair mask. For Dan, obviously! 

Remember to love yourself before all others! 
Happy Valentines Day
S xx


  1. Ah this all looks absolutely amazing sarah! Have a great time at the spa!

  2. Hope you had a fab time at the spa! I really want to go to another spa day, I've only been once for my Hen "do" and it was amazing!


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