Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Eylure Naturalites 020 // A clumsy fools first time with false lashes

Before today, I'd never worn false lashes before. (Dressing up as a Droog from Clockwork Orange when I was 15 doesn't count, right)? I've seen them peeling lashes far too many times to even pluck up the courage to try them out myself. I'm clumsy, and never even thought to bother. But when beautyy.co.uk offered to help me out, I accepted the challenge and thought I'd give it a go. 

I chose the Eyelure Naturalites 020, the thinnest I could see. I didn't want to go for something dramatic for my first time - I am already doubling my last count here - Right? 

So here are the results:

 (without eyeliner)

(with eyeliner)

These lashes took all of up a few minutes to apply, and for my first time, I'm pretty impressed with myself. I wore them for 9 hours with no peeling or any feeling that I had alien lashes glued to my eyes. One thing I will say though... I've heard in various places that using tweezers for an easier application helps. Well, not for me, not at ALL. Unfortunately I only found this out after slicing my eyeballs various times. Ouch? I found it much easier to simply press them on with my finger tips using a pinch grip. They also peeled off incredibly easily with no pain or effort. The lashes give a really natural look, as promised, with loads of subtle length.

I'll definitely be venturing into some more voluminous lashes from here onwards! 
What are your favourite false lashes to use?

S xx



  1. They look so beautiful and natural! xx

  2. I've never used any false lashes before either, but now reading your post as me interesting!

  3. I love the way false lashes look, they make me girly which is a bemusing sight. But god, the glue makes my eyes itch and I'm so scared of ending up with the spider moment as one falls off. I'd probably wear them more often, but I'd need a more exciting life and to look through my camera a little less lol.

    1. Haha yes I've seen that happen too often, and it doesn't look too great! Have you tried other brands of glue? There must be one out there that suits you! The glue that comes with the Eylure lashes are absolutely fine on me thank god!

  4. They look lovely! You definitely made the right choice for your first time, the thinner the strip the easier it tends to be. I love wearing falsies for nights out now but still don't think i could be bothered with them for everyday xx

    1. Oh really? Do they get difficult as they get thicker? I don't think I'll be wearing them for every day use either really, but will definitely try them in evenings - I'm always so jealous of people that have massive lashes on whilst I've been too scared haha! x

  5. Hmm I may have to try these. I'm always a little nervous about stuff like this.

    P.S. Half Baked is a flavor of ice cream from Ben and Jerry's. It's amazing

  6. I have never tried falsies either. They look really pretty and all natural as they're not too think! Gorgeous!


    PS: Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog and the FB like!
    Your blog is so lovely, adding it to my reading list now.


  7. Oh these look so so lovely! <3 xo

  8. these look lovely, i might buy some! i always go for the eylure 101's for nights out. eylure are by far the easiest brand of lashes to apply. :) x

  9. They look beautiful, subtle and natural. I'll be 23 soon and I've never worn false lashes before either, always been terrified I'll get the glue all over my contact lenses or something silly. I recently bought some at a discount, but still haven't found an occasion to try them out yet.

  10. Looks so natural and lovely! I adore fake eyelashes that don't look fake :) I might have to try a pair soon.
    You have a lovely blog, ms. sarah! :)

    xo, Samantha

  11. they look lovely, the natural eylure ones are such a nice alternative to wearing mascara. i love their thicker styles, especially the 101s. they're not too ott but do add a lot to your lashes xx

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