Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Trio of Winter Hair Must-Haves

The extremities of winter sure do play havoc with my hair, but I'm determined to cling onto some health, with my hair being blonder, and longer too! Here are three products that I repeatedly purchase to try and excuse myself from inevitable bad hair days. 
My biggest gripe is how fragile my hair is. When I tie my hair up I'm constantly laughing at the halo of fluff around my face, and then I realise they're just snapped hairs, and thats probably why my hair looks so thin. When my hair is dry, I squirt two pumps of Redkens Extreme Anti-Snap and massage it through the lengths and ends. This is only my second bottle and I feel like it'll take a good while to build my hairs strength up, but it definitely feels more flexible, if thats even possible? I've been meaning to try the rest of the range for ages, let me know if you'd tried other anti-snap items! 
I also add a couple of pumps of quality oil (usually at the same time as the anti-snap). My favourite at the moment is the Kera-Straight ultimate oil. Its in a luxurious glass bottle and is thick and nourishing without weighing my hair down or making it look greasy. I actually run another half-pump of this through my ends when my hair is dry. I usually have a huge static/frizz problem in winter, and I've managed to keep it at bay completely this winter - I'm thanking this! 
And finally, Alterna's Rapid Repair Spray is something I've bought ever since I discovered it in one of the very first Glossy Boxes. Although I've never tried the rest of the range for some reason, this is a product that I find difficult to describe. I have absolutely no idea what it does, or how it does it, but somehow it brightens up my hair and revitalises my colour, and just makes it look pretty shiny sleek. Its expensive, but I promise you'll never live without it again.
What hair products are you currently living by? 
S xx

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Happy Valentines Day // Pamper Day

If nothing else, Valentines is just an excuse to stuff my face with heart shaped chocolates. So when Hotel Chocolat offered a chance to try their sleekster collection, I obviously couldn't say no, Slimming world or no Slimming world. There are some pretty bespoke flavours in there, along with a gin truffle (terrible) and lemon berry tart and caramel praline (my absolute favourite). 
Along with a pampering package from Mira showers (along with a fun interchangeable 360 degree shower head to try) I'm set for a pretty swanky Valentines involving some fancy shopping at Pragnell the jewellers for wedding rings! Seeing as Dan proposed a year ago (yesterday) in DisneyLand, we are actually off to a well deserved Spa later on, and lord knows we both need it! I've packed the rest of the chocolates to eat tonight, a face mask and a hair mask. For Dan, obviously! 

Remember to love yourself before all others! 
Happy Valentines Day
S xx

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Esqido Mink Lashes // Worth the price tag?


Without eyeliner
With eyeliner 


 Esqido Mink Lashes 'Oh So Sweet' - $38*

Stunningly presented in a white and rose gold box are these gorgeous natural lashes that I am currently obsessed with. Usually, I'd shy away from anything 'fake' as I'm terrified of being obvious. I've only ever worn false lashes once before, but I was constantly checking the mirror to make sure they weren't peeling, and that was enough to put me off. The same happened with hair extensions. That is, until I was offered a couple of pairs of these Esqido mink lashes. First off, I'll settle the 'mink' word that repulsed me initially. The lashes are hand crafted from naturally shed mink hairs, and honestly, they look more natural than any false lashes I have ever seen. Ultra fine, and on a tiny, flexible cotton band, too. 

For someone that is really not good with tasks of such delicate nature, I managed to apply these with my tweezers in a few minutes without stabbing my eyes out. And although I applied eyeliner to try and blend the lashes in, you'll see in the first picture that they look pretty natural even without it. I just wanted to be doubly sure! To wear, they are comfortable and beautifully lightweight, which makes them a dream for me, and an absolute false eyelash convert. 

My only irk is that they didn't come with any glue, so I've had to use my eyelure glue, which I've decided is pretty crap, but it did the job okay. I think these lashes, as long lasting as they are obviously going to be, can justify the cost of some decent lash glue. Apparently they're going to last up to 25 times, but I'm not sure my beginners luck with carry me that far! 

Worth the money? Absolutely!
Don't be put off by the american website either (definitely worth a look too, as its just as beautiful), as they have a warehouse in the UK which lashes are shipped straight from, hurrah! 
Have you tried these?
S xx

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Getting back on track // Bridal fitness plan starts here!

Neon Sports Bra - £6 - George*
Activewear Leggings - £10 - George*

Being in career mode and having just bought a house alongside planning a wedding, I've kind of forgotten to look after myself. So when a package of fitness wear landed on my doorstep, I decided it was time to do something. Reading over my getting motivated post, I wonder where I let go, and set to work. Although I'm still struggling to get active, I'm now week 4 into slimming world and hoping to get my half stone award on Monday. My wedding dress has already been adjusted to fit my waist, so I absolutely cannot 'let go' again for another year. As well as that, I've got this bright new fitness wear to boost myself back into the gym… Or just running around the village, I haven't decided yet, (excuses). 

The leggings are of a close fitting, but forgiving material (nothing worse than loose clothes when you're sweaty, I don't understand how everyone seems to manage it), and I'm nice and bright too. Highlighter yellow - Just what you've always wanted, right? A heads up though, if you're particularly breast blessed, you might be better off with something more specialised, but for £6 its a perfect option for us lesser breasted folk. I'm really quite impressed with the George Sportswear range overall, all I need now is some new bouncy trainers! Have a look at the whole range here, and let me know what you'd pick!

If you fancy, you can read my previous fitness related posts here:
Basic workout tips
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Please share your tips and slimming world recipes too - I'm determined to get fit and toned again for our wedding/honeymoon.
S xx

Saturday, 31 January 2015

Pawesome Treat for Penny

Pawesome Subscription Box £16-20*

As if young Penny isn't spoilt enough, from time to time an email addressed to her lands in my inbox, and I'm usually only too happy to have her spoilt even more so. She recently received her own version of a beauty box. Well, theres nothing beautiful about it really, but its full of bits and bobs that I imagine she'd look forward to if only she knew, and a little pet orientated magazine for me too. 

The box contains 5-6 items on a monthly basis, and its usually a mix of treats, toys, with a training/technical addition too. Its pretty exciting to receive anyway if you're a obsessive dog Mama like myself, but lets just pretend its all about Penny. This particular box included a flashing light for her collar, and seeing as we've just moved to a main (very busy) road and its always dark when we take her out, we're pretty chuffed with the timing! I'm pretty certain Penny was more bothered about the dried chicken treats and edible ball (which kept her busy for a whole half an hour)!

Would you treat your pooch to something like this?
S xx

Sunday, 18 January 2015

What I Wore // A 'girlier' style

Top - River Island 
Skirt - Topshop
Tights - Charnos
Shoes - Clarks

As much as I've tried to avoid the sales this year in order to save for our wedding and new house, I'd be lying if I said I managed to resist temptation completely. Turns out that resisting for so long only results in one big blowout - Oops!  My favourite item though, was this pink and grey checked coat. I appear to have turned into a person happy to wear pastel colours and sparkle and I'm sure planning a wedding has something to do with it, (As cool as an all black wedding would be, trying on numerous wedding dresses has made me realise I actually like a bit of bling).

Ever since, I've been flouncing around exclusively in this coat, and to add to the girliness I've added some cosy bow tights and my Nans old necklace that I was sure I'd wear on my wedding day. It absolutely doesn't 'go' with my dress so I'm making the most of it from now onwards.

Heres to 'girliness.'
S xx

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Antipodes Joyous Night Replenish Serum // The Super Oil

Recovering from acne scars and constantly battling confused, misbehaving skin, I like to try and keep my skincare as natural, but as nourishing as I can. I really see the different when my skincare 'regime' lapses, so naturally I'm a bit hesitant when adding new skincare products into my routine, especially when so many promise big results and fail to deliver. My skin generally laps up this kind of oil, so I was a little less scared about trying this Antipodes offering - But I gave it a good month or two of usage before sharing my thoughts. Joyous is a protein rich night replenish serum, said to restore collagen and elastin, deliver radiance, and purify and protect the skin. 

Although this oil might seem quite pricey initially, a couple of drops is more than enough for my face and d├ęcolletage, so I reckon it'll last ages. Its thick and luxuriously silky to apply, and needs a few minutes to sink in completely, so not one to apply in a rush before bed, or if you can't be bothered to clip your hair back from your face. After a little experimenting, I find that using this 3-4 evenings a wee has a nice result, although my skin is always softer the morning after applying. 

All round, this is indeed an absolute wonder product of which I don't have a single negative thing to say about. Some might not be fond of the earthy smell (Its supposed to be berry but I'm not getting it), but I find it naturally reassuring, and quite calming too. Something I will definitely be repurchasing, and as my first Joyous product its got me paying attention to them - What can I try next?

Have you tried this?
What do you think of oils?
S xx

Thursday, 1 January 2015

DIY Gel Nails // Splurge or Save?

Sensationail Starter Kit £70*

Fuse Gelnamel Starter Kit £35*

Somewhat a beauty fool, I was terrified at the idea of doing gel nails myself. I've only worn false eyelashes once, the same with hair extensions, and I feel like I'm still mastering liquid eyeliner. I'm rarely seen in a beauty or hair salon - I've never even had my nails 'done.'

I've been trying out two DIY gel nail kits, both on myself and on my mum, mainly because I can only paint my toe nails thanks to my job! I compared the classic Sensationail kit, and the Fuse kit. Although both have generally similar outcomes, they market pretty differently. The Sensationail kit is definitely more 'pro.' Its almost double the price, requires priming and finishing and generally pretty off-putting with its many levels (but so worth it). On the other hand, the Fuse kit is definitely more compact, and quicker to use as the nails don't require priming. 

There is a cost with a cheaper, more convenient kit though, as the results with the Fuse kit just aren't as good as the original Sensationail kit (pictured above). Although the results were pleasing, my toenails chipped after a week of Fuse, and gradually got worse until I had to remove the lot. The Sensationail finish though, looked smooth and utterly professional, it was so easy to work with, despite taking longer! The finish also lasted for a couple of weeks at least, although it did chip slightly on one finger during heavy work a little while before. 

My verdict? Its definitely worth shelling out on the Sensationail kit. Its double the price and takes twice as long, but if you're looking for a truly professional, smooth finish last lasts, this is what you want. The Fuse kit is perfect if you're in a bit of a rush but want something that looks better than standard polish for a shorter time period!

Have you tried either of these?
S xx