Saturday, 31 December 2016

Giveaway // Temple Spa Trufflesque Ultra Hydration and Radiance Masque

Trufflesque Ultra Hydration and Radiance Masque £50*

A lover of face masks, I was more than excited to try out my 'Goldfinger' impression, with this Temple Spa mask. Its listed as a ultra hydration, radiance masque, which is quite promising and much needed after the Christmas lull. After cleansing, I paint it onto my face, and then chill out for around 20 minutes. The brush makes the application feel luxurious and extra smooth, and it smells absolutely de-licious! After that, I spend a couple of minutes massaging it gently, before rinsing it off. 
As you can see, the formula truly glows, and its fun just for that alone. (I'm the kind of girl that buys kids foaming face masks purely because they're hilarious.) But this is so much more than that - The ingredients list looks just as luxurious as it feels, with gold and silk actives and diamond illuminating powder. To me, those ingredients sound largely gimmicky, but they're said to lift dull skin and protect against oxidative stress - I'm not sure how much they really do. Anyway, it also includes lemon tree honey, black truffles, strawberry and champagne extract, with lots of my favourite hyaluronic acid. Very decadent, huh? Something seems to work, anyway!

Now, its pretty pricey, so its not really your 'once a week' mask, but its a super indulgent treat and feels almost gluttonous. The mask is said to revitalise dull and dry skin, hydrate skin, and leave you with a dewy and radiant glow. Well, I'll definitely use this mask again before an event or something similar, as the mask leaves my skin feeling ultra smooth and a seemingly a bit more refined, so its a winner in my eyes! 

The best thing is, you can win one too - Just enter via the form below for a chance to win! 

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Good luck! 
Sarah x

Friday, 2 December 2016

Hearty and Wholesome // The George Inn, Maulden

Butternut and Pumpkin Soup - Seasonal indeed!

 The Bar

 Eton Mess 

All completely handmade! 
Conference room of dreams 
I want our kitchen to look like this!
View from the back, showing the garden, boutique rooms and the village church, too!

The George Inn is local to us, in Malden, Bedfordshire. Its recently changed hands and has been fully restored and brought up to date, whilst keeping grasp of its 16th century roots. As well as the awesome pub/restaurant, there are also seven boutique rooms that are due to open soon - They've even booked a few small weddings here, and for that purpose it seems so perfect. 

I'm very much enjoying this new 'trend' for gastro pubs over the last few years, and the George Inn does it so well! From the photo walls, faux fur throws and festoon lights, alongside the copper finishes and rustic wood. Yep, its just my taste and its well worth a visit even if just for that. There are lots of comfy chairs and I can confirm the latte and red wine is up to scratch, if you just fancied people watching and a laze by the fire in a cosy coma. (Also, you need to see the bathroom)

The menu isn't extensive, but is updated often, and actually I quite prefer that. We all know the pain of flicking through massive menus, pained with endless decisions - And you know a menu that long usually means its all pre-cooked and re-heated, anyway. Theres definitely something for all appetites, throughout starter, mains and desserts, too! Everything here is made from scratch and reviewed and updated often. (Don't tell them I told you, but if you request beforehand, they can sometimes even put something special together for you 'off-menu')
We ordered quite seasonal starters, of which mine arrived piping hot just as it should - If there is one thing I can't stand in restaurants its super slow service and lukewarm food, but despite being busy my butternut squash and pumpkin soup was steaming. If anything it was actually too hot to eat at first, which meant I had a legitimate excuse to assist Dan in testing his meat and bread platter, waiting for it to cool a bit. For the main, I ordered a steak with a good helping of chunky chips. You can always tell how good a kitchen is, by ordering the simple but so important steak. I ordered mine medium and it was utterly perfect, though I would've loved the option of a peppercorn or red wine sauce, too. No points deducted, though, rather topped up with the biggest, scrummiest Eton Mess I've ever seen! 

What I love about this place, even after our first visit, was the atmosphere. The restaurant is divided up into smaller rooms, which are not cramped by any means, but definitely cosy whilst still maintaining an open feel. It was freezing cold when we visited, but we still quite wanted to sit outside on the wicker benches, with the fur blankets provided under the lights. And I wouldn't feel out of place getting a little tipsy in the bar area with my girlfriends, either; (Still something I need to organise, you know how it is this time of year)! After we'd finished eating, we moved to these cosy chairs by the bar and had a friendly natter with the bar staff over the aforementioned lattes (and more wine). We were obviously limited for pictures as it was a busy Friday night when we visited, but I hope these pictures put across just how warm and inviting this place is! 

Will I be back? Absolutely! Even though its local I'm keeping my eyes out for the opening of the boutique rooms so we can have a night away from home, pretending we're miles away. (Guys, can you just add some spa facilities, and I'll move in, okay)? As big foodies, we were starting to get a little bored of the similar style, local pubs, and they're pretty much goners now that this beauty has arrived. Finally, variety in Bedfordshire!

You can see more of the place on their Instagram account here, or their website; The George Inn, Malden (Let me know if you go)!

Sarah xx

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Most Wanted Christmas Beauty List // Black Friday Discounts

1 // Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigment and Glitter set £26 Mac
2 // 105 Luxe Highlight Brush £12.50 Zoeva
3 // Nutcracker Cheek Compact £29 each Mac
4 // Glamglow Supermud Mask  £39 Look Fantastic (18% off with code 'RUSH')
5 // Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in 'KimKW' £20 John Lewis (10% off)
6 // Charlotte Tilbury Face Kit - £50 John Lewis
7 // Colourpop 'Bumble' Matte Lipgloss - £10 Roses24
8 // Laura Mercier Ambre Vanille Honey Bath £30 John Lewis (Save 10%)
9 // Rose Gold Brush Set £75 Zoeva
10 // Farsali Unicorn Tears Farsali
11 // The Glam Clam Brush Set £60 Spectrum
12 // Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP £45 John Lewis (16% off)
13 // Jo Malone Christmas Ornament £22 Jo Malone
14 // ABH Modern Renaissance Palette - £41 Cult Beauty

1 // 'Lets Get Ready to Crumble' Gift Set £19 Lush 
2 // Tartlette in Bloom Eyeshadow Palette £33 Tarte (£25 with code 'Friday')
3 //  Remington Radiance Brush £23 Argos (£5 off)
4 // Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm £34 Debenhams (10% off)
5 // De Reves 6-Shadow Palette  £40 Lancome (20% off with code Lancome20'
6 // Urban Decay Moonstone Palette £31 Debenhams (10% off)
7 // Oral B 9000 Rose Gold Toothbrush £99 Boots (£180 off)
8 // CT Blush in 'Love Glow' £30 Charlotte Tilbury 
9 // 'Something About Bathing' Gift Set £47 Lush
10 // Swamp Queen Palette  £33 Tarte (£25 with code 'Friyay')
11 // Stripe 2017 Diary £32 Kate Spade (20% off with code 'Skyline')
12 // Pixi Glow kit £30 Marks and Spencer (£42 off, and free cosmetics bag with code on site)

So, heres my whopping Christmas gift list, or a few gift ideas for the ladies in your life - The (mainly) beauty edition! With a little help from recent Black Friday offerings, I've managed to bulk up my list to the extreme, whoops. A few things I've actually managed to get my mitts on anyway, such as the Oral B toothbrush, which is still expensive at less than half price, but I've been telling myself for years I'll invest in a top-of-the-range toothbrush one day. Done! Oh, and the Modern Renaissance palette - Finally! Dying for the Mac Nutcracker specials, which seem to be forever out of stock online, and mostly tempted by the Zoeva brush and Tarte/Charlotte Tilbury palettes. Seriously, how many palettes are too many? 

Whats on your wishlist?
Sarah xx

Burgundy and Rose Gold // Ted Baker Saviy Shoes

Ted Baker Burgundy 'Saviy' Shoes RRP £130 (Currently on offer here)

In my mind, Ted Baker have always been the forefront of 'classy,' and 'glam.' Whether I'm looking for a wedding guest outfit, or something for a party, Ted Baker is one of the brands I'll look to first, knowing there will be enough knee length dresses, full circle skirts and tasteful shoes to choose from and keep me from going home empty handed wondering what the hell I'll wear. 

What really sets these shoes apart from usual timeless courts? Two things that stand out for me and take these shoes from 'like' to 'love.' First, the high back, which really emphasises the stiletto heel, although they're really not that high, thus easy to walk in. Then theres the rose gold trim, which I think makes the shoes look really opulent. Oh, and the cute little bow at the back. ...  Uh, Did I mention the rose gold? As well as looking awesome, these shoes are padded with an OrthoLite insole - Think of your favourite Clarks or M&S work shoes, and you're along the same lines. Except these are replacing your usual painful, pinchy shoes for a night out/event. Function and fashion, not usually synonymous, but seriously, try them out for comfort. 

I totally wish I could take some photos of these shoes on, but I've only had chance to wear them the one time! Since then, I've managed to break my ankle - Not due to these shoes, I must add. I had planned to wear them with my velvet playsuit, or slinky black wrap dress, though I reckon they'd look awesome with culottes, too! Bring on January when I'm out of this cast and Physioing myself back to full heel capability! 

What do you think?
Are these something you'd go for?
Sarah x

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Rose Gold Perfume // Monsoon Fragrance


Rose Gold Perfume 50ml - £35 Monsoon 
(On sale currently at Boots for just under £20)!

Rose Gold is still going strong well into Autumn/Winter, and whilst Monsoon isn't the most obvious place you'd look to for perfume, this gorgeous design is surely enough to catch the eye with its luxurious feel. The design is quite simple, centred around the signature rose gold feel, matched with the straightforward teardrop design and a statement box. As you'd probably guess, the scent itself also features roses quite prominently. The fragrance is elegant; with top notes of citrus, floral heart notes, and decadent woods, keeping it kind of musky. Overall, its feminine, but rich and opulent.
At first spray, its pretty average to me. But, on my skin, it gets better with time and after half an hour I'm a little bit in love with it. And then it lasts all day.  Thats the best thing about this perfume; How long it lasts. It remains strong throughout an entire day, and that is what keeps me reaching for this more and more often recently! Definitely one to try if you're a lover of floral scents - Just give it chance to develop before turning it down.

Have you tried this one yet?
Sarah xx

Monday, 3 October 2016

The Perfect Base // Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation and Naked Colour Correctors


Urban Decay Naked Green £17.50
Urban Decay Naked Peach  £17.50*
Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation £27 

I was always pretty certain I've found my favourite foundation. Lancome is usually the one for me. However, since tanning a lot around the time of our wedding, I couldn't find a colour match, and ventured beyond Lancome, only to learn that the range of foundations are so much better than they always seemed to be years ago! I'm a paley again now, but still not 100% transfixed by my Lancome foundation anymore. I heard good things about this foundation. Apparently it gave similar coverage to Estee Lauders double wear. Say no more, amigos, I'm in.

I've tried a few correcting products over the years, and instantly, these colour correctors are my absolute favourite. They're much easier to blend than the other cream/pencil formulas I've tried, and they're absolutely packed with pigment, so you only need a tiny amount. I use the green to neutralise red spots and the area around my nose, and I use the peach liberally under my eyes in an attempt to disguise my lack of sleep. 

With these in place, alongside this 'All-Nighter' foundation, there is no need for concealer, at all. The coverage of the foundation is indeed heavy and very matte, but I don't find it as cakey as double wear, or in fact at all, really. A single pump is enough to cover my whole face, and half a pump is just enough for a very natural look (I do this for work). You do need to work with it quickly, though! Buffing brush at the ready, no time to stipple! 

It does oxidise a little on me, so I would 100% recommend you try it out before you commit to a shade. I was matched to shade 2.0, which looked a little pale at first, but as it settled it quite quickly seemed to match perfectly, though it doesn't really oxidise beyond this during the day. I've worn this to work (in a sweaty hospital where I am a very active Physio) and its lasted with no need for touch ups. 

All in all, mega impressed. I've only ever looked to Urban Decay for eyeshadows, but after hearing about the coverage of this foundation, I just had to try it. Let me know if you've tried it too - And what else I should try from Urban Decay! 

Sarah xx

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

What I Wore // Leather skirt of dreams

Top - Next
Skirt - Great Plains
Shoes - Dune

Behold the skirt of leathery dreams, in all its midi glory... I first fell in love with midi skirts a few years ago, and Great Plains are just the best at them. I own a couple of skirts by them, but this is my first midi of leather, of course. As if the leather alone wasn't awesome enough, the skirt is completely front zip up from top to bottom, and has pockets! I know the zip might not seem all that, but when you're shopping and trying a lot on, it made my life so much easier! I have big hips and a smaller waist, so getting my bottom half dressed is usually a bit of a feat (seriously). Taking my new obsession seriously, I've since invested in a red leather midi skirt, too. I feel an autumn trend arising...

Also, there are a few appealing around-the-clock skirts on the site at the moment, a few of which are in the sale and really tempting me, argh! 
Sarah xx

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What I Wore // Jamie's Italian


Top - Topshop
Trousers - Tu @ Sainsburys
Shoes - Dune 

I'll be honest, my first experiences of Jamie's Italian weren't that great. I first went to this exact restaurant when it first opened, followed by the St. Albans branch. We found it bland, boring, and stingy (coming from the gal that usually order kids portions) considering the pricing. Years go by, and I went to Jamies in Brighton on a hen do. And, I must admit, I wondered why I'd snubbed the place off for so long. Dan and I followed it up with an invite to visit to the Milton Keynes branch, and its fair to say they've got me back on board.

We ordered Rosemary Focaccia bread, reminiscent of the feast that was laid out on our wedding day, and it was just as good as South Farm's offering. Followed  by a couple of starters that we intended to share: A truffle pasta dish, and gnocchi, which was pretty much argued over. My steak was to die for, but seriously, the gnocchi wins, a hundred times over. Theres plenty to choose from on the menu, covering more than enough corners of Italian tradition. I can't even remember what we chose for dessert, but I know I liked it enough to want to go back, haha! 

All in all, it seems like it took a while for 'Jamie's' to get going, but the atmosphere now is chilled and the staff all seem like a good bunch of mates (makes such a difference - you can always sense an awkward, stifled ambience and its hard not to be put off by it)! The portions still aren't huge, but they are so much better than they used to be, and we both left pretty stuffed after three course and coffee, and it was good value on the evening favourites menu (Three courses for £19). We went on a weeknight after work, so I just chucked on some comfy clothes and away we went for a chilled evening. I'm pretty much living in these trousers recently. Nice one, Sainsburys!

Sarah xx